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Charles McCain is a lifelong student of the maritime and military history of World War Two in the European theater. He is an eighth generation South Carolinian and a storyteller in the finest tradition of Southern writers. Charles holds a degree in European History from Tulane University. He has written multiple works including a memoir of his unusual youth and subsequent college years– The Frat House Fire Escape Plan: Sigma Nu, Tulane, and the 1970s and An Honorable German. After surviving a bout with cancer 4 years ago, McCain is at work on a novel featuring a Royal Navy officer in World War Two. He lives in Washington, DC.

Recent Work

The Frat House Fire Escape Plan: Sigma Nu, Tulane, and the 1970s

The Frat House Fire Escape Plan: Sigma Nu, Tulane, and the 1970sThe Frat House Fire Escape Plan: Sigma Nu, Tulane, and the 1970s is a memoir of McCain’s unusual youth in the South and subsequent college life at Tulane University in New Orleans during the 1970’s. Learn more…

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An Honorable German

An Honorable GermanAn Honorable German is a World War Two naval epic told from the point of view of a heroic yet deeply conflicted German U-Boat commander in the first such novel ever written by an American or German author. Learn more…

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Charles McCain is an experienced consultant in financial services, writer, speaker, and broadcaster.

 McCain’s daily blog specializes in World War Two era history as well as other topics which happen to appeal to him at the moment. Read the author’s blog.

  McCain is available to speak on a wide range of topics related to the U-Bootwaffe, the Kriegsmarine, the Royal Navy, the German Home Front, and the British Home Front during the Second World War. Learn more…

  McCain has a background in radio and is available for narration, voice-overs, and interviews. Learn more…

  McCain spent 22 years in financial services working as a stock and bond broker, banker, executive, and consultant. He is available for high level corporate writing, speaking, and consulting projects. Learn more…